Wednesday, November 30, 2011

White Trash Christmas

As we gear up for another holiday season we want to remind you that we have a song, White Trash Christmas available for you to throw on your holiday play list.  Quick story on that song.  If you've heard it then you obviously know that it's White Trash Superstar with different lyrics.  What you probably don't know is that White Trash Christmas came first.  We wrote and recorded that song for a kids benefit cd to put out locally around Birmingham around the time we were about to start pre-production on Tragic City Symphony.  We went in and cut that song in a day and rushed it over to the people heading up that organization as soon as it was done being mixed.  Something happen ... we're not sure what happened but the song was never put on the cd and the cd was never released.  Somehow the whole project got scratched.  We ended up just keeping the recording of the song and Jacob went in and made it "White Trash Superstar" by just changing the lyrics and backing some jingle bells out of the mix so we could use it for the new album.  It wasn't til after we released Tragic City Symphony that we went back and released "White Trash Christmas" as a holiday single.  I know that story is riveting.  I hope you sleep better tonight knowing the story behind those songs.

Download the song by clicking HERE

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