Monday, December 12, 2011

Mark Dzier

Where's Mark?  How come I don't see him on stage anymore?
Well, Mark, as everyone knows, got a role in the movie/musical Rock of Ages.  Which, by the way, has a release date, right now, of June 15th, we believe.  Mark will be featured in the movie several times.  He has face time in every "Arsenal" performance throughout the movie.  
While filming he was offered a position as the bass player in the touring musical Rock of Ages.  They were looking for someone that was actually IN the movie and Mark fit the bill to a T.  The money was too good to turn down and Mark, being the whore that he and all of us are, took the position after weeks of us telling him he was crazy to pass that up.  He moved to Tampa, FL where he has wanted to live for quite some time and joined the musical.  

     A few weeks into the tour he realized that it wasn't rock n' roll enough for him and decided to quit.  Playing two to three shows a day just wasn't for him.  He enjoys drinking, fishing, and hanging out on the beach too much to be caught up in that much playing on stage.  "Touring in a broadway musical like that is the furthest thing from a touring rock band than you could imagine" Mark said of his brief experience in the touring musical.  So what's he doing now???  Well, rumor has it that he has gotten back into the adult film business and has shot a few scenes already.  We've also heard that he's possibly jamming with another band.  We don't really know really.  Every time we talk to him we just catch up on personal life stuff and forget to even ask him what else is happening with him.  He's a private guy when he's not performing on camera.  
     We wish that boy well and have since hired Cody Elliot.  He's from Florence, AL and is a natural blonde.  You might recognize him as the baby on the cover of the Nirvana "Nevermind" album.  You might also recognize Cody from a couple of old "COPS" episodes.  He's also been featured on A & E's show Intervention.  Besides how he qualified to be in the band he's also a snappy dresser and was nominated in his high school as "Most likely to not surprise anybody at the 10 year reunion."
     Follow him on twitter @I_HATE_CODY.  As a rule of any new hire in the band he's required to take an unbelievable amount of ribbing.  So he's been the butt of more than a few jokes in our camp.  We hope you'll continue this tradition by giving him a hard time any time you see him.  No one joins our band without some bumps and bruises.

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  1. Hey guys, Daria here, just letting you know Ray and are listening to your tunes on Pandora..You guys rock!..wanna know when you're going to have a reunion tour?