Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Shiprocked 2011 Playlist

Since people are always asking us what we've been listening to, we decided to create a few playlists on Spotify.  Since Shiprocked is now less than a week away, we created a Shiprocked playlist of our favorite songs from the bands playing.

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1. Sevendust - Black - This was my introduction to Sevendust.  I bought this record in Memphis, TN at Cats music.  The first time I heard this song it blew my mind.  It was so heavy and brutal, but the band was tight as hell and the vocals were amazing.  A lot of the heavier bands around this time were either screaming or doing death metal style vocals.  Lajon has a great since of melody and an amazing voice.

2. Hinder - Up All Night - These guys are some of our best friends in the world.  We've had some of the best times of our lives with Hinder.  This song pretty much sums up life on the road.  The first night we met these guys, Mike and Blower were drunk as hell when Mike decided to moon everybody in the dressing room.  Blower picked up an industrial staple gun off the table next to him and started walking towards Mike.  We were laughing thinking he was about to put staples in Mike's ass.  He then proceeded to pull down his pants and staple his own ball sack to Mike's ass.  We were floored.  The antics got crazier as the tour went on.  The shows went from packed to sold out completely.  As soon as "Lips Of An Angel" took off, the venues got huge and things got nuts.  Those guys are our brothers for life!

3. Queensryche - Silent Lucidity - If you ask most people what there favorite song ever is, they'll tell you that's too tough of a question to answer.  My favorite 2 songs ever written are "Silent Lucidity" and "Doves Cry".  Songs are attached to memories.  A great song to one person might be a terrible song to another.  I've got great memories as a kid of both of those songs.  I was discovering music, life and everything was exciting.  Whenever I hear "Silent Lucidity" it takes me back to being a kid and being excited to what life would hold.

4. Buckcherry - Lawless And Lulu - I love Buckcherry's first album!  For a while it seamed like straight ahead rock bands were dead.  Buckcherry came along and gave me hope that there were still people out there that loved music like AC/DC, Motley Crue, Guns N Roses, etc.  Before this record came out, Dreamworks had the band doing a residency every Monday night for a month in Birmingham at a club called the Nick.  I used to hang with Josh and Keith and just talk music and girls.  I've always had so much respect for this band.  This is my favorite song off their debut.

5. Candlebox - Change - Another band of good friends of ours.  We toured with these guys a couple of years ago and they are one of the best live bands period.  This is my favorite song of theirs to watch them play live.  It's so intense and the crowd sings every word.  I get chills every time they play it.

6. Living Colour - Glamour Boys - My favorite track off of Vivid.

7. Filter - Welcome To The Fold - I loved this record when it came out.  The girl I was dating at the time stole it from Wal-Mart and gave it to me for my birthday.  It was still in the big plastic anti-theft case when she gave it to me.  I listened to it non stop.  I loved how Richard Patrick's voice could break-up, but yet he could sing so clean.  When the band played Birmingham on that tour, I went to the 5 Points Music Hall and saw them play.  I was blown away because the drummer was wearing my band's t- shirt (Mars Electric).  I thought "Wow, this guy is a fan of my band"!  After the show, I asked him about the shirt and he said he found it stuffed inside his kick drum at the studio they recorded at in Chicago (the same studio we recorded at).  He didn't know anything about the band, it was just a free shirt that he thought looked cool.

8. Broken Teeth - Devil Money - This is just a kick ass rock song.  I've been a fan of Jason McMaster since Dangerous Toys.  When I was a kid in school, we used to play Tesi'n, Pleasi'n in one of my first bands.  The clown always freaked me out, I thought the artwork was amazing.  Lynam used the guy that designed the clown to do the cover of Slave To The Machine.

9. Lynam - Better - Always a fun song to play live.  This is the live version from "Thank You Good Night".

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