Everyone stands equal in judgement at death. Good or evil, rich or poor, male or female. It’s not the material things that you acquire that become your legacy, it’s what you do to make a difference. In the mortal life, everyone has free will and with free will comes choices. Either you fight the demons and rise above or you drown with the fallen. With their new EP Halfway To Hell, Lynam—Jacob Bunton [Vocals, Guitar], David Lynam [Drums], Lonny Paul [Guitar], and Mark Dzier [Bass]—take their sound to new heights expanding on the melodic hard rock machine that they’ve been driving since their 2006 major label debut, Slave To The Machine.  The band’s sound is louder, heavier, more aggressive and more infectious than the preceding albums.

Halfway To Hell is the result of the trials and tribulations of the past couple of years.  “Rock N Roll is a roller coaster ride” states frontman Jacob Bunton.  “There are lots of ups and downs and in-betweens, but everyday that we can wake up and play music is a gift that we don’t ever take for granted.”  

Lynam are gearing up for the next chapter in their already impressive arsenal of music.  Whether it’s the haunting lyrics of “Wrong Side Of The Grave” or the anthemic chorus of “Rise Up”, each song captures the essence of beauty and tragedy, good and evil, love and hate, and life and death.

The title track “Halfway To Hell” is a full on assault commencing with a hook-laden guitar riff that explodes into a nuclear stomp rolling into Bunton’s powerful vocals.  The singer declares “I’m on my way back down to the place where you told me I should go, We can’t erase all the past mistakes but I can’t let go, I’m already halfway to hell”

Since their formation, Lynam continues to cary the torch for rock n roll.  Starting with Slave To The Machine (DRT/Universal) in 2006, the band has been front and center in the new breed of rock.  This album peaked at #21 on Billboard's Top Independent Albums chart and #19 on the Heat- seekers chart. The single “Tanis” went to #1 on both the active rock independent and main-stream rock independent charts.  The band’s 2008 album Tragic City Symphony was released on Megaforce / Mascot records and featured the radio singles ‘Save My Soul’, ‘Lindsay Says’, and ‘Porn Star’. All three singles reached the top 10 on the active rock independent chart with ‘Save My Soul’ reaching top 5 with over 10 million in audience. Several of the album’s songs were also used in motion pictures, MTV, VH1, HBO, and video games. A Live album entitled Thank You Goodnight! was released November 2010 through Island Def Jam/New Ocean Media.

Right now, the band is writing the next chapter in their ever evolving story.

In May 2013, the band started recording the EP with longtime producer Jason Elgin (Maylene & The Sons Of Disaster, Terrible Things, Collective Soul). “Jacob and I were playing in a band with Steven Adler” explains Lonny Paul. “We made a great record and the overall reviews were positive. We had a tour booked that covered the US and Europe and then a few weeks before we were scheduled to start the tour, Steven went back to rehab. We had grown concerned for Steven’s health on the Japanese tour.  When we returned, Slash and Duff had a talk with him and he decided to concentrate on his health.” “We all supported his decision” adds Bunton. “We love him and want him to be healthy and happy. After the tour was canceled, we invited Lonny to join Lynam. The ideas started coming together quickly. The song “Halfway To Hell” had been lying around for a while.  We intended on putting out an EP a couple of years ago, but Mark left to go film the movie Rock Of Ages and I went and did the Adler record.  The band was still playing shows, but getting in the studio was impossible with our schedules. Once Lonny joined the band, we really honed in on the record.”

The album’s title comes from years of ups and downs on the road. “For us, this band has always been about our fans” says David Lynam. “Every night after the show, we go to the merch booth and we hang out with the people that pay their hard earned money to see us.  We’ve developed a very close relationship with our fans. Halfway To Hell is not just our story, it’s the stories we hear from our fans every night.  We all have our own personal struggles and we all deal with things that are tragic.” “The greatest thing in the world to us is when someone tells us that our music got them through a tough time” adds Bunton. “In the end, we’re all in this world together. If we can help even one person through their tough times, that’s what it’s all about.  Music definitely saved my life.”

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  1. I can't say enough good things about this band! The more I hear them, the more I read about them, the MORE I LOVE THEM! Wishin nothing but he best for these guys - Haters need not reply! Just move on! These guys are the real deal!